Berikut ini merupakan daftar tabel port TCP – UDP yang digunakan oleh OS, Service, Program, dll :

Port Jenis Port Keyword Digunakan oleh
0 TCP, UDP T/A. Dicadangkan, tidak digunakan.
1 TCP, UDP TCPmux TCP Port Service Multiplexer
2 TCP, UDP compressnet Management Utility
3 TCP, UDP compressnet Compression Process
4 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
5 TCP, UDP rje Remote Job Entry
6 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
7 TCP, UDP echo Echo
8 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
9 TCP, UDP discard Discard;alias=sink null
10 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
11 TCP, UDP systat Active Users; alias = users
12 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
13 TCP, UDP daytime Daytime
14 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
15 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan (sebelumnya: netstat)
16 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
17 TCP, UDP qotd Quote of the Day; alias = quote
18 TCP, UDP msp Message Send Protocol
19 TCP, UDP chargen Character Generator; alias = ttytst source
20 TCP, UDP ftp-data File Transfer Protocol (default data)
21 TCP, UDP ftp File Transfer Protocol (control), connection dialog
22 TCP, UDP SSH Putty
23 TCP, UDP telnet Telnet
24 TCP, UDP Any private mail system
25 TCP, UDP smtp Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; alias = mail
26 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
27 TCP, UDP nsw-fe NSW User System FE
28 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
29 TCP, UDP msg-icp MSG ICP
30 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
31 TCP, UDP msg-auth MSG Authentication
32 TCP, UDP Belum ditetapkan
33 TCP, UDP dsp Display Support Protocol
34 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
35 TCP, UDP Any private printer server
36 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
37 TCP, UDP time Time; alias = timeserver
38 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
39 TCP, UDP rlp Resource Location Protocol; alias = resource
40 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
41 TCP, UDP graphics Graphics
42 TCP, UDP nameserver Host Name Server; alias = nameserver
43 TCP, UDP nicname Who Is; alias = nicname
44 TCP, UDP mpm-flags MPM FLAGS Protocol
45 TCP, UDP mpm Message Processing Module
46 TCP, UDP mpm-snd MPM (default send)
47 TCP, UDP ni-ftp NI FTP
48 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
49 TCP, UDP login Login Host Protocol
50 TCP, UDP re-mail-ck Remote Mail Checking Protocol
51 TCP, UDP la-maint IMP Logical Address Maintenance
52 TCP, UDP xns-time XNS Time Protocol
53 TCP, UDP domain Domain Name System Server
54 TCP, UDP xns-ch XNS Clearinghouse
55 TCP, UDP isi-gl ISI Graphics Language
56 TCP, UDP xns-auth XNS Authentication
57 TCP, UDP Any private terminal access
58 TCP, UDP xns-mail XNS Mail
59 TCP, UDP Any private file service
60 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
61 TCP, UDP ni-mail NI MAIL
62 TCP, UDP acas ACA Services
63 TCP, UDP via-ftp VIA Systems – FTP
64 TCP, UDP covia Communications Integrator (CI)
65 TCP, UDP tacacs-ds TACACS-Database Service
66 TCP, UDP sql*net Oracle SQL*NET
67 TCP, UDP bootpc DHCP/BOOTP Protocol Server
68 TCP, UDP bootpc DHCP/BOOTP Protocol Server
69 TCP, UDP tftp Trivial File Transfer Protocol
70 TCP, UDP gopher Gopher
71 TCP, UDP netrjs-1 Remote Job Service
72 TCP, UDP netrjs-2 Remote Job Service
73 TCP, UDP netrjs-3 Remote Job Service
74 TCP, UDP netrjs-4 Remote Job Service
75 UDP T/A Any private dial-out service
76 TCP, UDP T/A Belum ditetapkan
77 TCP, UDP Any private RJE service
79 TCP, UDP finger Finger
80 TCP, UDP www World Wide Web HTTP
81 TCP, UDP hosts2-ns HOSTS2 Name Server
82 TCP, UDP xfer XFER Utility
83 TCP, UDP mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device
84 TCP, UDP ctf Common Trace Facility
85 TCP, UDP mit-ml-dev MIT ML Device
86 TCP, UDP mfcobol Micro Focus Cobol
87 TCP, UDP Any private terminal link; alias = ttylink
88 TCP, UDP kerberos Kerberos
89 TCP, UDP su-mit-tg SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
90 TCP, UDP DNSIX Security Attribute Token Map
91 TCP, UDP mit-dov MIT Dover Spooler
92 TCP, UDP npp Network Printing Protocol
93 TCP, UDP dcp Device Control Protocol
94 TCP, UDP objcall Tivoli Object Dispatcher
95 TCP, UDP supdup SUPDUP
96 TCP, UDP dixie DIXIE Protocol Specification
97 TCP, UDP swift-rvf Swift Remote Virtual File Protocol
98 TCP, UDP tacnews TAC News
99 TCP, UDP metagram Metagram Relay
100 TCP newacct (unauthorized use)
101 TCP, UDP hostname NIC Host Name Server; alias = hostname
102 TCP, UDP iso-tsap ISO-TSAP
103 TCP, UDP gppitnp Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net; alias = webster
104 TCP, UDP acr-nema ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
105 TCP, UDP csnet-ns Mailbox Name Nameserver
106 TCP, UDP 3com-tsmux 3COM-TSMUX
107 TCP, UDP rtelnet Remote Telnet Service
108 TCP, UDP snagas SNA Gateway Access Server
109 TCP, UDP pop2 Post Office Protocol version 2 (POP2); alias = postoffice
110 TCP, UDP pop3 Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3); alias = postoffice
111 TCP, UDP sunrpc SUN Remote Procedure Call
112 TCP, UDP mcidas McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
113 TCP, UDP auth Authentication Service; alias = authentication
114 TCP, UDP audionews Audio News Multicast
115 TCP, UDP sftp Simple File Transfer Protocol
116 TCP, UDP ansanotify ANSA REX Notify
117 TCP, UDP uucp-path UUCP Path Service
118 TCP, UDP sqlserv SQL Services
119 TCP, UDP nntp Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP); alias = usenet
120 TCP, UDP cfdptkt CFDPTKT
121 TCP, UDP erpc Encore Expedited Remote Procedure Call
122 TCP, UDP smakynet SMAKYNET
123 TCP, UDP ntp Network Time Protocol; alias = ntpd ntp
124 TCP, UDP ansatrader ANSA REX Trader
125 TCP, UDP locus-map Locus PC-Interface Net Map Server
126 TCP, UDP unitary Unisys Unitary Login
127 TCP, UDP locus-con Locus PC-Interface Connection Server
128 TCP, UDP gss-xlicen GSS X License Verification
129 TCP, UDP pwdgen Password Generator Protocol
130 TCP, UDP cisco-fna Cisco FNATIVE
131 TCP, UDP cisco-tna Cisco TNATIVE
132 TCP, UDP cisco-sys Cisco SYSMAINT
133 TCP, UDP statsrv Statistics Service
134 TCP, UDP ingres-net INGRES-NET Service
135 TCP, UDP loc-srv Location Service
136 TCP, UDP profile PROFILE Naming System
137 TCP, UDP netbios-ns NetBIOS Name Service
138 TCP, UDP netbios-dgm NetBIOS Datagram Service
139 TCP, UDP netbios-ssn NetBIOS Session Service
140 TCP, UDP emfis-data EMFIS Data Service
141 TCP, UDP emfis-cntl EMFIS Control Service
142 TCP, UDP bl-idm Britton-Lee IDM
143 TCP, UDP imap2 Interim Mail Access Protocol v2
144 TCP, UDP news NewS; alias = news
145 TCP, UDP uaac UAAC Protocol
146 TCP, UDP iso-ip0 ISO-IP0
147 TCP, UDP iso-ip ISO-IP
149 TCP, UDP aed-512 AED 512 Emulation Service
150 TCP, UDP sql-net SQL-NET
151 TCP, UDP hems HEMS
152 TCP, UDP bftp Background File Transfer Program
153 TCP, UDP sgmp SGMP; alias = sgmp
154 TCP, UDP netsc-prod Netscape
155 TCP, UDP netsc-dev Netscape
156 TCP, UDP sqlsrv SQL Service
157 TCP, UDP knet-cmp KNET/VM Command/Message Protocol
158 TCP, UDP pcmail-srv PCMail Server; alias = repository
159 TCP, UDP nss-routing NSS-Routing
160 TCP, UDP sgmp-traps SGMP-TRAPS
161 TCP, UDP snmp Simple Network Management Protocol
162 TCP, UDP snmptrap SNMP TRAP
163 TCP, UDP cmip-man CMIP/TCP Manager
164 TCP, UDP cmip-agent CMIP/TCP Agent
165 TCP, UDP xns-courier Xerox
166 TCP, UDP s-net Sirius Systems
167 TCP, UDP namp NAMP
168 TCP, UDP rsvd RSVD
169 TCP, UDP send SEND
170 TCP, UDP print-srv Network PostScript
171 TCP, UDP multiplex Network Innovations Multiplex
172 TCP, UDP cl/1 Network Innovations CL/1
173 TCP, UDP xyplex-mux Xyplex
174 TCP, UDP mailq MAILQ
175 TCP, UDP vmnet VMNET
176 TCP, UDP genrad-mux GENRAD-MUX
177 TCP, UDP xdmcp X Display Manager Control Protocol
178 TCP, UDP nextstep NextStep Window Server
179 TCP, UDP bgp Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
180 TCP, UDP ris Intergraph
181 TCP, UDP unify Unify
182 TCP, UDP audit Unisys Audit SITP
183 TCP, UDP ocbinder OCBinder
184 TCP, UDP ocserver OCServer
185 TCP, UDP remote-kis Remote-KIS
186 TCP, UDP kis KIS Protocol
187 TCP, UDP aci Application Communication Interface
188 TCP, UDP mumps Plus Five’s MUMPS
189 TCP, UDP qft Queued File Transport
190 TCP, UDP gacp Gateway Access Control Protocol
191 TCP, UDP prospero Prospero
192 TCP, UDP osu-nms OSU Network Monitoring System
193 TCP, UDP srmp Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
194 TCP, UDP irc Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Protocol
195 TCP, UDP dn6-nlm-aud DNSIX Network Level Module Audit
196 TCP, UDP dn6-smmred DNSIX Session Management Module Audit Redirector
197 TCP, UDP dls Directory Location Service
198 TCP, UDP dls-mon Directory Location Service Monitor
199 TCP, UDP smux SMUX
200 TCP, UDP src IBM System Resource Controller
201 TCP, UDP at-rtmp AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
202 TCP, UDP at-nbp AppleTalk Name Binding
203 TCP, UDP at-3 AppleTalk Unused
204 TCP, UDP at-echo AppleTalk Echo
205 TCP, UDP at-5 AppleTalk Unused
206 TCP, UDP at-zis AppleTalk Zone Information
207 TCP, UDP at-7 AppleTalk Unused
208 TCP, UDP at-8 AppleTalk Unused
209 TCP, UDP tam Trivial Authenticated Mail Protocol
210 TCP, UDP z39.50 ANSI Z39.50
211 TCP, UDP 914c/g Texas Instruments 914C/G Terminal
213 TCP, UDP ipx Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)
214 TCP, UDP vmpwscs VM PWSCS
215 TCP, UDP softpc Insignia Solutions
216 TCP, UDP atls Access Technology License Server
217 TCP, UDP dbase dBASE UNIX
218 TCP, UDP mpp Netix Message Posting Protocol
219 TCP, UDP uarps Unisys ARPs
220 TCP, UDP imap3 Interactive Mail Access Protocol versi 3
221 TCP, UDP fln-spx Berkeley rlogind with SPX authentication
222 TCP, UDP fsh-spx Berkeley rshd with SPX authentication
223 TCP, UDP cdc Certificate Distribution Center
224–241 T/A T/A Tidak digunakan; dicadangkan
242 TCP, UDP direct Direct
243 TCP, UDP sur-meas Survey Measurement
245 TCP, UDP link LINK
246 TCP, UDP dsp3270 Display Systems Protocol
247 TCP, UDP subntbcst_tftp SUBNTBCST_TFTP
248 TCP, UDP bhfhs bhfhs
249–255 T/A T/A Tidak digunakan; dicadangkan
345 TCP, UDP pawserv Perf Analysis Workbench
346 TCP, UDP zserv Zebra server
347 TCP, UDP fatserv Fatmen Server
371 TCP, UDP clearcase Clearcase
372 TCP, UDP ulistserv UNIX Listserv
373 TCP, UDP legent-1 Legent Corporation
374 TCP, UDP legent-2 Legent Corporation
375 TCP, UDP T/A official & unofficial assignments, known security risks, trojans and applications use.
376 TCP, UDP T/A protocol and security warnings including related ports.
377 TCP, UDP T/A protocol and security warnings including related ports.

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